Fatwa against SRK


The controversy surrounding Shahrukh Khan‘s controversial comments on Prophet Mohammad refuses to die down. Now, an Islamic seminary has issued a fatwa (legal ruling) against Bollywood star. The fatwa issued
by Mufti Mohammed Shoeb Raza Qadri and Mufti Muti-ur-Rehman of the Darul-u-loom-Mazhar-e- Islam who stated that the entire Muslim community was hurt by Shahrukh’s comments.

Mufti Mohammed referred to Shahrukh as a Kafir (non-believer) and said such a person should be thrown out of Islam. He also said that in an Islamic state such remarks would have called for a death penalty
against the accused. He also added that Shahrukh’s marriage with Gauri was nullified and Shahrukh must not be allowed to be buried in any Muslim graveyard.

Markazi Darul Ifta which is a authority based in Barielly issues fatwas and dismissed the fatwas issued by other clerics. They stated that since Shahrukh has issued clarification that he was misrepresented in his alleged statements he should not be held guilty. Shahrukh has made the alleged comments in an interview given to the Time n Style Magazine.

Last week, a NGO by the name of Mumbai Aman Committee had filed complain against Shahrukh Khan for his comments. They had asked the police file a case under section 504 of the IPC (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace).

Shahrukh Khan is currently in US shooting for Karan Johar‘s My Name Is Khan.

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  1. Posted by jasmina on July 4, 2009 at 8:42 am

    SRK can never be consider as a Muslim – a true Muslim understand the meaning of “Syahadah” and will never say that he believes in two religion. The “Syahadah” clearly states that there is only ONE GOD – that is ALLAH and MUHAMMED (SAW) is HIS Prophet. SRK openly say he believes in Islam and Hindu – as such he is never a muslim, he should be ruled as a kafir. I hope the muslims will boycott all his movies as a punishment for his statement against Islam


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